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2.5yr Old Suffered with Eczema All Over – Won Mayan Magic for a YEAR!

My daughter Julia, who is now 2 1/2 years old has dealt with severe Eczema all over her body since the age of 3 months old. It was truly a horrific journey trying to find ways to heal her skin. After tons of prayer, huge change in diet, and using Magic Mayan (because of it’s simple, natural ingredients), her body looks better now than ever. She has overcome so much and we love to share our story with others who are struggling with the same. There is hope! It’s all about healing the body with whole foods when using a product like Magic Mayan with pure ingredients. Thank you for creating a quality product. My Julia could certainly use the gift of your cream for a year! we just started a new business and had our fourth baby so anything that helps our budget out is needed.

Winner!…….Hello! Im so honored that I was chosen as one of the winners of your contest! It’s a passion of mine to share our painful journey with Eczema and help others.

3-Month Update: The product is awesome and works incredibly for my daughter and her Eczema! We have loved it and already used the jar you guys graciously gave to us. Thank you so much!

I am so happy with Mayan Magic!
My daughter (toddler) has lumps in her thighs that a specialist has said was caused by vaccinations when she was a baby. A steriod cream was prescribed to reduce the size of the lumps. I was hesitant to use the steroid cream so decided to use Mayan Magic to counteract the incessant itch. Not only is it helping with that the lumps are going down in size!!! I can’t believe it. I had also mentioned, my Psoriasis on my hands and feet is a huge source of embarrassment and I dream of making it disappear.
Update, 3 months later…It’s been amazing!
My Psoriasis is a lot better – the cream really soothes it. AND the lumps in my daughter’s thighs have completely disappeared! She had them for a year and a half and all it took was a couple of weeks of Mayan Magic and they were gone. We are super happy with the product!

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